The Department of Film & Television, NCA, is preparing tomorrow’s filmmakers for success by helping them hone their skills. The combination of information and the advancement in technology has opened new horizons for both modern and traditional film and media. This incorporation has yielded opportunity and vocations that trains the students to become responsible professionals, these newly emerged experts contribute in the ongoing process of development of the society by setting new trends and standards in the field of Film and Television.

The department provides an innovative curriculum that facilities experiential learning and opportunities for students to develop critical research, thinking and methodological skills as well as creative capacities and industry-standard training in filmmaking. This unique combination of theory and practice equips our students with both the analytical and practical skills that are in demand in today’s highly competitive job market. Unlike other film Institutions of the country, we are able to not only offer quality education to students but provide them chances and opportunities for their professional enhancement. We train in both traditional and non-traditional forms encouraging the students to shape their own artistic vision as the department prioritizes creative expression.

Foundation Semesters

1st Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
FTV-1101 Documentary Production I Core Studio 3
FTV-1102 Editing I Core Studio 2
FTV-1103 Film History I Core Theory 3
FTV-1104 Visual Development I Core Studio 3
COMP-1101 English Language and Literature II Compulsory Theory 2
COMP-1102 Pakistan Studies Compulsory Theory 1
FNDN-1106 History of Art I Foundation Theory 2
FNDN-1107 Introduction to the Arts I Foundation Theory 1
Total 17

2nd Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
FTV-1201 Documentary Production II Core Studio 3
FTV-1202 Editing II Core Studio 2
FTV-1203 Film History II Core Theory 2
FTV-1204 Visual Development II Core Studio 3
FTV-1205 Camera: Talking Into The Camera Core Studio 3
COMP-1201 English Language and Literature II Compulsory Theory 2
COMP-1202 Islamiyat Compulsory Theory 1
FNDN-1206 History of Art II Foundation Theory 2
Total 18

3rd Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
FTV-2101 Narrative Production Core Studio 3
FTV-2102 Edtiting III Core Studio 2
FTV-2103 Film Analysis: Narrative Core Studio-Theory 2
FTV-2104 Digital Photography Elective Studio 2
FTV-2105 Camera: Shot by Shot Film Technique Core Studio 3
FTV-2106 Introduction to Screenwriting Core Studio 2
FTV-2107 Directing Actors Core Studio 1
Total 15

4th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
FTV-2201 Advanced Narrative Production Core Studio 3
FTV-2202 Production Design Elective Studio 3
FTV-2203 Film Analysis: Advanced Narrative Core Studio-Theory 2
FTV-2204 Introduction to Creative Writing Elective Theory 2
FTV-2205 Complex Camera Core Studio 3
FTV-2206 Advanced Screenwriting Core Studio 2
FTV-2207 Graphics and Animation Core Studio 3
Total 18

5th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
FTV-3101 Film Theory I Core Theory 3
FTV-3102 Music Video Core Studio 3
FTV-3103 Film Analysis: Experimental Cinema Core Studio-Theory 2
FTV-3104 Advanced Graphcis and Animation Core Studio 3
FTV-3105 Multiple Camera Production Core Studio 3
FTV-3106 Marketing and Distribution Core Theory 1
Total 15

6th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
FTV-3201 Film Theory II Core Theory 3
FTV-3202 Sound Design Core Studio 3
FTV-3203 Film Analysis: World Cinema Core Studio-Theory 2
FTV-3204 Special Project (Pre-Thesis Production) Core Studio 4
FTV-3205 Television Campaigns Elective Studio 3
Total 15

7th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
FTV-4101 Production Workshops Core Studio 4
FTV-4102 Thesis Development Core Studio 4
FTV-4103 Research Methodology Core Theory 4
FTV-4104 Theorizing Seminar Core Theory 4
Total 16

8th Semester

Thesis 18 credits

Elective Courses

From 3rd semester onwards, a student will be able to choose elective courses from within his/her department and from other departments with the help of assigned advisor. Each Elective Crouse will be of 2 credit hours.

Code Courses Type
FTV 2104 Digital Photography Studio
FTV 2106 Introduction to Screenwriting Studio
FTV 2202 Production Design Studio
FTV 2204 Introduction to Creative Writing Theory
FTV 2206 Advanced Screenwriting Studio
FTV 2207 Graphics and Animation Studio
FTV 3102 Music Video Studio
FTV 3106 Marketing & Distribution Theory
FTV 3202 Sound Design Studio
FTV 3205 Television Campaigns Studio
Prof. Majid Saeed Khan

(On Leave)
MA Multimedia Arts, NCA, Lahore
MPhil Sound Design, Aix-en-Provence, France

Tausif Zain ul Abedin

Assistant Professor
Head of Department
MSc Communication Studies (Film & TV)
University of the Punjab Lahore
MPhil Media & Communication Studies, UCP, Lahore

Wasim Akhtar

Assistant Professor
B (Film & TV), NCA
MA English Literature, University of Sargodha

Muhammad Arshad Saeed

Assistant Professor
MA Multimedia Arts, NCA
BFA. NCA, Lahore

Mujahid Sohaib Butt

Bachelor of Film & Television, NCA, Lahore

Syed Muhammad Hassan Zaidi

Bachelor of Film & Television, NCA, Lahore


Khalid Ibrahim (Coordinator)
Associate Professor

Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri
Prof. Dr. Farida Batool
Shehnaz Malhi
Attiya Javed
Rifqua Ejaz
Sehar Sohail
Sadia Amin Raja
Aqsa Akbar
Awais Aqdus
Kiran Saleem
Sehr Jalil
Zohreen Murtaza
Ammara Khalid
Ghazala Raees
Tausif Zain Ul Abedin
Wasim Akhtar
Muhammad Arshad Saeed
Syed Muhammad Hassan Zaidi

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