The postgraduate diploma in Multimedia Arts consists of two semesters. The students are required to complete the same course as the MMA First Year (1st and 2nd semester), but are not required to produce a thesis/body of work. Students of MMA who fail to meet the required academic criteria of the programme by the end of the first year will be awarded the Post Graduate Diploma.


(i) Applicants with minimum 16 years of education or equivalent qualification in the relevant fields with minimum 60% marks from an HEC recognized institute are eligible to apply.
(ii) Candidates must pass NCA’s own aptitude test at par with GAT.

Total Number of Credits 24
Taught Subjects (Credits) 24
Total Number of Semesters 02
Semester Duration 18 Weeks
Classwork 16 Weeks
Testing and Evaluation 02 Weeks
Course Load /Semester 9-12 Credits
Studio Courses 70 %
Lecture / Seminar Courses 30 %

Semester 1

Course Code Courses Contact Hours Studio / Theory Credit Hours
MMA-5101 Multimedia Studio-I 8 Studio 4 (2+2)
MMA-5102 Basics of Animation 6 Studio 2
MMA-5103 Drawing-I 6 Studio 2
MMA-5104 Introduction to Media Technologies-I 2 Theory 2
MMA-5105 Digital Production I 6 Studio 2
Total 12

Semester 2

Course Code Courses Contact Hours Studio / Theory Credit Hours
MMA-5201 Multimedia Studio-II 8 Studio 4 (2+2)
MMA-5202 Think, Edit, Create-I
*Animation-I /
*Digital Production-I /
*Game Design-I
12 Studio 4
MMA-5203 Drawing-II 6 Studio 2
MMA-5204 Introduction to Media Technologies-II 2 Theory 2
MMA-5105 Digital Production II 6 Studio 2
Total 12

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Sufi Bilal Khalid

Academic Coordinator
Assistant Professor
Master in Multimedia Arts (NCA)

Asad Iqbal

Masters in Multimedia Arts (NCA)

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