Multidisciplinarity and non-conformity are significant markers of excellence which encourage transformation and the National College of Arts aspires towards this transformation through various creative means of making and understanding art. The narratives we share are the result of a mélange of ideas from across the country that we celebrate. NCA has maintained a visionary approach to the arts as a pioneer in art and design education in the country. From an industrial polytechnic in 1875, to a contemporary arts college starting with three major departments in 1958, the college now boasts of an impressive number of undergraduate, graduate, MPhil and PhD programmes. There are nine undergraduate, four graduate level and two postgraduate level programmes currently offered by the college. The NCA alumni form the pool of Pakistan’s best artists, architects, designers, film makers, cultural researchers and musicologists.

At NCA, we have a committed faculty exposed to the international stage as practitioners, and well-versed in respective teaching paradigms who make it possible to bring out the best in every student. In addition to that the college has evolved at par with international standards as a Federal Chartered Institute and is keeping up with pedagogical requirements of the current times. The NCA encourages inclusivity through imparting and disseminating necessary creative skills to the general public by initiating various community outreach programmes under the umbrella of skill development for the underprivileged.

As we step into this new academic year, filled with hopes and dreams of scaling new heights, I proudly affirm that with our experienced and dedicated teachers and excellent infrastructure, National College of Arts serves as a conduit to equip students with the ability to learn at an accelerated pace within a given timeframe, simultaneously instilling the capacity to balance creativity and criticism.

We hope to see some enthusiastic young minds to be part of this prestigious institution with new dreams and etch their unique paths during the course of the study. I am confident that this experience will not only enrich them as individuals but also as future leaders, artists and creative professionals with a dynamic vision.

Wish you all the best for the future!

Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri

Vice Chancellor
National College of Arts

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