The undergraduate programme in Musicology transmits knowledge and skills of Pakistani classical music theory and performance practice to the individuals who opt to pursue career in music. Being one of the most developed expressions of our musical heritage, classical music is the finest site to cultivate the talent besides preserving our prestigious tradition.

The programme enables its students to shape a sustainable career in the post-COVID music economy that is dominated by the international brands, virtual media, eclecticism, and technology. Theory and practice courses covering music technology, electronic music, world rhythm, music composition, music economy, and popular and western art music prepare students for the 21st century professional life as performers, composers, producers/ technicians, entrepreneurs, educationists, and researchers.

While their training is structured, musicology students choose their areas of interest from a range of elective courses. PBL (Project Based Learning), the programme’s central pedagogic approach, ensures the individual pedagogic needs, strategies, and outcomes. The students are encouraged to translate their knowledge to the areas of their interest in order to develop links among various aspects of music and to expand the classroom experience to the real-life music.

Foundation Semesters

1st Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
MUS-1101 Vocal I Foundation Studio 4
MUS-1102 Tabla I Foundation Studio 3
MUS-1103 Music Theory I Foundation Studio-Theory 2
MUS-1104 History of Theory of Art Foundation Theory 2
COMP-1101 English Language and Literature I Compulsory Theory 2
FNDN-1106 History of Art I Foundation Theory 1
FNDN-1107 Introduction to the Arts I Foundation Theory 1
COMP-1102 Pakistan Studies Compulsory Theory 2
Total 17

2nd Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
MUS-1201 Vocal II Foundation Studio 4
MUS-1202 Tabla II Foundation Studio 3
MUS-1203 Music Theory II Foundation Studio-Theory 3
COMP-1201 English Language and Literature II Compulsory Theory 2
FNDN-1206 History of Art II Foundation Theory 1
FNDN-1207 Introduction to the Arts II Foundation Theory 1
COMP-1202 Islamiat Compulsory Theory 2
Total 16

3rd Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
MUS-2101 Vocal III Core Studio 3
MUS-2102 Tabla III Core Studio 2
MUS-2103 Sitar I Elective Studio 2
MUS-2104 Comparative Music Theory Core Theory 3
MUS-2105 Rhythm Ensemble I Elective Studio 3
MUS-2106 Music Technology I Core Studio-Theory 3
MUS-2107 Piano I Core Studio 2
Total 18

4th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
MUS-2201 Vocal IV Core Studio 3
MUS-2202 Pakhawaj Core Studio 2
MUS-2203 Sitar II Elective Studio 2
MUS-2204 Music Composition Elective Studio-Theory 3
MUS-2205 Rhythm Ensemble II Elective Studio 3
MUS-2206 Music Technology II Core Studio-Theory 3
MUS-2207 Piano II Core Studio 2
Total 18

5th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
MUS-3101 Vocal V Elective Studio 3
MUS-3102 Ensemble I Core Studio 3
MUS-3103 Guitar I Elective Studio 3
MUS-3104 History of Music I Core Theory 2
MUS-3105 Electronic Music Elective Studio-Theory 3
MUS-3106 Scoring for Film Elective Studio-Theory 3
Total 17

6th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
MUS-3201 Vocal VI Elective Studio 3
MUS-3202 Ensemble II Core Studio 3
MUS-3203 Guitar II Elective Studio 3
MUS-3204 History of Music II Core Theory 2
MUS-3205 Philosophy and Science of Music Core Theory 3
MUS-3206 Music Analysis Elective Studio-Theory 3
MUS-3207 Music Industry Elective Theory 2
Total 19

7th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
MUS-4101 Applied Musicology Core Studio-Theory 4
MUS-4102 New Music Core Studio 4
MUS-4103 Comparitive Study of Ragas Core Studio-Theory 4
MUS-4104 Research Methodology Core Theory 4
Total 16

8th Semester

Thesis 18 credits

Elective Courses

From 3rd semester onwards, a student will be able to choose elective courses from within his/her department and from other departments with the help of assigned advisor. Each Elective Course will be of 2 credit hours.

Code Courses Type
MUS-2103 Sitar I Studio
MUS-2105 Rhythm Ensemble I Studio
MUS-2202 Pakhawaj Studio
MUS-2203 Sitar II Studio
MUS-2204 Music Composition Theory-Studio
MUS-2205 Rhythm Ensemble II Studio
MUS-3101 Vocal V Studio
MUS-3103 Guitar I Studio
MUS-3104 History of Music I Theory
MUS-3105 Electronic Music Theory-Studio
MUS-3106 Scoring for Film Theory-Studio
MUS-3201 Vocal VI Studio
MUS-3203 Guitar II Studio
MUS-3204 History of Music II Theory
MUS-3205 Philosophy and Science of Music Theory
MUS-3206 Music Analysis Theory-Studio
MUS-3207 Music Industry Theory
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Usman Malik

Head of Department
B (Musicology) NCA
MA (Music) Wesleyan University,
Middletown, USA
PhD. Ethnomusicology, Wesleyan
University, Middletown, USA

Zafar Iqbal

Assistant Professor
B (Musicology) NCA
MSc Mass Communication Film & TV, Punjab University, Lahore
M.Phil Communication Management, Superior University, Lahore
PhD Scholar Media Studies UCP, Lahore

Ajmal Hussain

Bachelor (Musicology) NCA
MPhil (Art History) College of Art & Design, Punjab University, Lahore
PhD Scholar (Art History) College of Art & Design, Punjab University, Lahore


Khalid Ibrahim
Head of Foundation Year

Associate Professor

Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri
Prof. Dr. Farida Batool
Shehnaz Malhi
Sadia Amin Raja
Ali Baba
Awais Aqdus
Kiran Saleem
Muhammad Arshad Saeed
Zohreen Murtaza
Ammara Khalid
Ghazala Raees
Tausif Zain Ul Abedin
Wasim Akhtar
Syed Muhammad Hassan Zaidi
Qurat ul ain Shams
Naveen Zehra
Natasha Cornelious

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