The National College of Arts Archives is the repository of the non-current records of the institution. The record comprises documents from its inception in 1875, as the Mayo School of Arts, to the present times.

The National College of Arts Archives (NCAA) are the repository of non-current records of the institution dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries to present day.


A non-exhaustive list of items within our collections includes:

•  Official correspondence of the Mayo School of Art from 1900 onwards, 
•  Record of colonial exhibitions and commissions, etc.,
•  Administrative record of the Mayo School of Art and the National College of Arts, 
•  Syllabi, curricula, and development schemes documenting the development of art, craft, and design education in the institution and the region,
•  Official record of students and staff,
•  Photographs of NCA faculty members, buildings, official visits, etc.,
•  Rare books, journals and portfolios on art, craft, architecture, design, etc.,
•  NCA publications, prospectuses, and newsletters,
•  NCA student theses from the year 2000 onwards (digital copies).

Our list of holdings contains a detailed account of our catalogued collections. Students and researchers are encouraged to write to to request access to our collections and to obtain the latest version of our list of holdings.  The above address can also be contacted in case of any queries. 

Access is granted in line with our Access and Reuse Policy and the NCA Archives reserve the right to refuse access where it may infringe on copyright law, our agreements with depositors, or on reasonable expectations of privacy of data subjects. Where the original record is fragile, access may be granted through a digital surrogate. 



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