The main objective of the Bachelor of Architecture program is to educate and train students to become professionally sound and creative architects and also to prepare them for higher studies. Teaching is focused on enhancing creative abilities, critical thinking and to inculcate professional competence and ethical practice.

After the first two foundation semesters, the third and fourth semesters are focused on the basics of architectural design with emphasis on the understanding of architecture as a combination of functional and aesthetic concerns. The course introduces design as the study of interrelationship of spaces and generation of architectural form based upon program, building materials, technology and aesthetic sensibilities. Geographical and cultural context plays a critical role in the design process.

The fifth and sixth semesters form the intermediate level of the courses introduce advanced structures, building technologies and design. Understanding of the context in master planning plays a vital role in the design of built environment. The students at this stage are also introduced to the concerns of sustainability. 

The seventh and eighth semesters are the start of advanced level that broadens the horizon of study to encompass the issues of urbanism and the built environment. This includes the impact of individual building on its wider physical and cultural context that shapes the built environment. Topics like regeneration of historic urban centers and housing design form the main focus at this level. 

The ninth and tenth semesters are for the thesis research and design with a focus on independent research on a topic of personal interest and its articulation in the final design project. 


1st Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
FNDN-1101 Drawing I Foundation Studio 3
FNDN-1102 Drafting I Foundation Studio 3
FNDN-1103 Design Process I Foundation Studio 3
FNDN-1104 Sculpture I Foundation Studio 3
COMP-1101 Functional English Compulsory Theory 3
COMP-1102 Ideology and constitution of Pakistan Compulsory Theory 2
COMP-1103 History of Art I Compulsory Theory 1
COMP-1104 Introduction to the Arts I Compulsory Theory 1
COMP-1105 Civic and Community Engagement Compulsory Theory 2
Total 21
2nd Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
FNDN-1201 Drawing II Foundation Studio 3
FNDN-1202 Drafting II Foundation Studio 3
FNDN-1203 Design Process II Foundation Studio 3
FNDN-1204 Sculpture II Foundation Studio 3
COMP-1201 Expository Writing Compulsory Theory 3
COMP-1202 Islamic Studies Compulsory Theory 2
COMP-1203 History of Art II Compulsory Theory 1
COMP-1204 Introduction to the Arts II Compulsory Theory 1
COMP-1205 Entrepreneurship Compulsory Theory 2
Total 21
3rd Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
ARCH-2101 Architecture Design I Major Studio 6
ARCH-2102 Materials and Building Construction I Major Studio 1
ARCH-2104 Freehand Drawing I Major Studio 2
NCA-2101 History of Art I Major Theory 2
COMP-2101 A Science of Society Compulsory Theory 2
COMP-2102 Information Communication Technologies in Education Compulsory Lab/Theory 3 (2+1)
COMP-2103 Exploring Quantitative Skills Compulsory Theory 3
Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary 2
Total 21
4th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
ARCH-2201 Architecture Design II Major Studio 6
ARCH-2202 Materials and Building Construction II Major Studio 1
ARCH-2203 Theory of Structure I Major Theory 2
ARCH-2204 Freehand Drawing II Major Studio 2
NCA-2201 History of Art II Major Theory 2
COMP-2201 What is Science/ The science of Global Challenges Compulsory Lab/Theory 3 (2+1)
COMP-2202 Tools for Quantitative Reasoning Compulsory Theory 3
Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary 2
Total 21
5th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
ARCH-3101 Architecture Design III Major Studio 6
ARCH-3102 Materials and Building Construction III Major Studio 2
ARCH-3103 Theory of Structure II Major Theory 2
ARCH-3104 Building Services I Major Theory 2
NCA-3101 History of Art III Major Theory 2
ARCH-3105 Sustainable Systems I Major Theory 2
Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary 2
Total 18
6th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
ARCH-3201 Architecture Design IV Major Studio 6
ARCH-3202 Materials and Building Construction IV Major Studio 2
ARCH-3203 Urban Design Major Theory 2
ARCH-3204 Building Services II Major Theory 2
NCA-3201 History of Art IV Major Theory 2
Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary 2
Total 16
7th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
ARCH-4101 Architecture Design V Major Studio 6
ARCH-4102 Materials and Building Construction V Major Studio 2
ARCH-4103 Engineering System Major Theory 2
ARCH-4104 Computer Applications I Major Lab 2
ARCH-4105 Sustainable Systems II Major Theory 2
ARCH-4106 Landscaping I Allied Theory 1
ARCH-4107 Urban Planning Allied Theory 1
Total 16
8th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
ARCH-4201 Architecture Design VI Major Studio 8
ARCH-4202 Architecture Seminar-I Major Theory 2
ARCH-4203 Research Methodology Major Theory 2
ARCH-4204 Computer Applications II Major Lab 2
ARCH-4206 Landscaping II Allied Theory 1
ARCH-4207 Urban Planning Major Theory 2
Total 17
9th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
ARCH-5101 Architecture Design VII Major Studio 5
ARCH-5102 Architecture Seminar-II Major Theory 2
ARCH-5103 Thesis Research and Writing Major Theory 2
ARCH-5104 Professional Practice Major Theory 2
ARCH-5105 Project Management Allied Theory 2
ARCH-5106 Landscaping III Allied Theory 2
Total 15
10th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
Thesis Major Studio 15
Total 15

From 3rd semester onwards, a student will be able to choose an allied/interdisciplinary course from his/her department and from other departments with the help of assigned advisor. 
Each Interdisciplinary Crouse will be of 2 credit hours.

Code Courses Type
ARCH-2102Materials and Building Construction ITheory-Studio
ARCH-2104 Freehand Drawing I Studio
ARCH-2106 Computer Applications I Lab
ARCH-2202Materials and Building Construction IITheory -Studio
ARCH-2204 Freehand Drawing II Studio
NCA-2201 History of Art II Theory
ARCH-2206 Computer Applications II Lab
ARCH-3102Materials and Building Construction IIITheory -Studio
ARCH-3104 Urban Design ITheory- Studio
ARCH-3106 Sustainable Systems I Theory
ARCH-3202Materials and Building Construction IVTheory
ARCH-3203 Building Services II Theory
ARCH-3204 Urban Design IITheory-Studio
NCA-3201 History of Art IV Theory
ARCH-3206 Sustainable Systems II Theory
ARCH-4102 Landscaping I Theory
ARCH-4103 Urban Planning ITheory- Studio
ARCH-4106 Engineering System I Theory
ARCH-4107 Project Management I Theory
ARCH-4202 Landscaping II Theory
ARCH-4203 Urban Planning IITheory- Studio
ARCH-5102 Landscaping IIITheory-Studio
ARCH-5103 Professional Practice Theory
ARCH-2207 Architectonic Theory
Prof. Dr. Syed Faisal Sajjad

Dean Faculty of Architecture
B. Arch. NCA
M. Arch. U.E.T
PhD, Architecture, UET, Lahore

Khalid Ibrahim

Head of Department
Associate Professor

B. Arch. NCA
M. Arch. U.E.T., Lahore
MDS- Historic Preservation 

Zahid Usman

Associate Professor
B. Arch. NCA
M. Sc. in Architectural Lighting 
Design, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

Rabia Ezdi

Associate Professor
B. Arch. NCA
M. Sc. Urban Management and Development
Institute for Housing and 
Urban Development Studies,
Erasmus University,  
Rotterdam, Holland

Amna Majeed

Associate Professor
B. Arch. NCA
Master of Urban Design 
Development and Design,
University of New South 
Wales, Sydney, Australia

Hafsa Imtiaz

Associate Professor
B. Arch. NCA
M. Arch, Urban Building from 
Glasgow School of Art,
Makintosh School of 
Architecture, UK

Muhammad Ali Tirmizi

Assistant Professor
B. Arch. NCA

Muhammad Azib Bajwa

Assistant Professor
B. Arch. UET, Lahore
M. Arch. UET, Lahore

Syed Ali Pasha

Assistant Professor
B. Arch. NCA, Lahore
M. Arch. Architecture Design,
University of Nottingham, UK

Sulman Lateef

Assistant Professor
B. Arch. NCA

Fariha Shahid

Assistant Professor
B. Arch. UET, Lahore

Asad Ali

Assistant Professor
B. Arch. NCA
M. Arch. Kingston 
University of London

Umair Zia Malik

Assistant Professor
B. Arch. NCA 
M. Arch. U.E.T., Lahore

Zunaira Batool

Assistant Professor
B. Arch. Indus Valley
School of Art & 
Architecture, Karachi
M. Phil in Conservation &
Management-NCA, Lahore 

Daniya Atta

Assistant Professor
B. Arch. NCA
M. Arch. Colombia 
University, New York, USA

Sarah Khadijah Cheema

Assistant Professor
B. Arch. NCA
M. Arch. Bartlett School 
of Architecture,
University College London,
London’s Global University  

Naveed Hussain

B. Arch. NCA
M. Arch. Punjab University, 
Arts & Design, Lahore 

Mulghalarra Khan

B. Arch. NCA
M.Sc.  Urban Studies, Vrije 
Univerisyt of Brussels
Master of Arts Urban Studies 
(MA), University of Vienna
(Universitat Wien) 

Sama Khan

B. Arch. NCA
M. Arch. (Architecture, Cultural 
Identity & Globalization)
University of Westminster, 
London, UK

Mahina Reki

B.Arch. NCA
M.Arch. Ghazi University 
Ankara, Turkey

Jabir Hussain

B.Arch. NCA

Awais Aqdus

B.Arch. Comsats
Master of Monumental 
Heritage, Anhalt University of
Applied Sciences, Germany

Salman Gohar

B.Arch. NCA
M. Interior Design NCA

Yusra Binte Rehman Alvi

B.Arch. NUST
M.Sc (Design Research) Dept. 
of Architecture Bauhaus
Dessau Hochschule Anhalt 
University of Applied Science 


Faran Faisal
Incharge Foundation Studies
Assistant Professor

Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri
Prof. Dr. Syeda Farida Batool
Ms. Shehnaz Malhi
Tausif  Zain Ul Abedin
Muhammad Arshad Saeed
Sadia Amin Raja
Wasim Akhtar
Ali Baba
Ammara Khalid
Ali Zafar
Syed Muhammad Hassan Zaidi
Rizwana Irfan
Sumaira Ameen
Naveen Zehra
Mujeed Butt
Nariman Aziz
Ateeq ur Rehman
Zohreen Murtaza
Ghazala Raees

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