Welcome to the BS Cultural Studies Programme, the first of its kind in Pakistan!

Cultural Studies researchers theorize the creative forces that shape the lived reality of people in the 21st century. Drawing on a range of practices, Cultural Studies researchers investigate values, beliefs and belongings, cultural processes and cultural objects, economic and social relations, institutions and identities. Cultural Studies is an emphatically interdisciplinary area of inquiry that intersects the humanities, science studies, the social sciences and the arts. The Cultural Studies Department draws on a range of methods and critical theories and offers opportunities to break down conventional divisions between academia and activism, and, between theoretical critique and cultural production. What distinguishes Cultural Studies from other disciplines is its approach to study culture and the arts through multiple disciplinary methods to get at the complexity of cultural forms that are embedded within power structures, issues of social justice and cultural change.

This programme is aimed primarily at preparing theoretically sound professionals, and future academicians who have a specialization in South Asian visual and material culture and its pertinent issues and perspectives. The programme is designed to develop conceptual rigor, critical theoretical and analytical skills, with a thorough immersion in the analysis of development in the national and regional cultural institutions and the arts; as well as their contemporary theoretical debates. 

With this set of knowledge and skills, graduating students will be able to make valuable societal contributions. They will be able to (a) seek admission in any relevant higher education programme (b) compete in the careers of arts, humanities, print/ electronic media, social/ cultural/ environmental development, and cultural policy.


1st Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
CULTS-1101 Introduction to Cultural Studies I Foundation Theory 2
CULTS-1102 Art since 1945 Foundation Theory 2
CULTS-1103 Introduction to Cultural Heritage I Foundation Theory 2
CULTS-1104 Introduction to Field Research I Foundation Theory 2
COMP-1101 Functional English Compulsory Theory 3
COMP-1102 Ideology and constitution of Pakistan Compulsory Theory 2
COMP-1103 History of Art I Compulsory Theory 1
COMP-1104 Introduction to the Arts I Compulsory Theory 1
COMP-1105 Civic and Community Engagement Compulsory Theory 2
Total 17
2nd Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
CULTS-1201 Introduction to Cultural Studies II Foundation Theory 2
CULTS-1202 Theories of Art and Culture[s] Foundation Theory 2
CULTS-1203 Introduction to Cultural Heritage II Foundation Theory 2
CULTS-1204 Introduction to Field Research II Foundation Theory 2
COMP-1201 Expository Writing Compulsory Theory 3
COMP-1202 Islamic Studies Compulsory Theory 2
COMP-1203 History of Art II Compulsory Theory 1
COMP-1204 Introduction to the Arts II Compulsory Theory 1
COMP-1205 Entrepreneurship Compulsory Theory 2
Total 17
3rd Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
CULTS-2101 Cultural Studies-Popular Culture & Everydayness Major Theory 2
CULTS-2102 Academic Writing I Allied Theory 2
CULTS-2104 Propaganda and activism in Art Major Theory 2
CULTS-2106 Introduction to Museums and Materiality I Major Theory 2
COMP-2101 A Science of Society Compulsory Theory 2
COMP-2102 Information Communication Technologies in Education Compulsory Theory 3
COMP-2103 Exploring Quantitative Skills Compulsory Theory 3
Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary 2
Total 18
4th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
CULTS-2201 Cultural Studies-Media & Everydayness Major Theory 2
CULTS-2202 Academic Writing II Allied Theory 2
CULTS-2204 Architecture and space of power Major Theory 2
CULTS-2206 Introduction to Museums and Materiality II Major Theory 2
COMP-2201 What is Science/ The science of Global Challenges Compulsory Theory 3
COMP-2202 Tools for Quantitative Reasoning Compulsory Theory 3
Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary 2
Total 16

* Student can drop one allied course to opt for the interdisciplinary offered by other departments from 3rd to 6th Semester

5th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
CULTS-3101 Research Methodology (Humanities) Allied Theory 3
CULTS-3102 History of Ideas Allied Theory 2
CULTS-3103 Museum Matters Major Theory 2
CULTS-3104 Media, Technologies and the self Major Theory 2
CULTS-3105 Moving images: Past to present Allied Theory 2
CULTS-3106 Introduction to Literature Allied Theory 2
Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary 2
Total 15
6th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
CULTS-3201 Research Methodology (Visual Culture) Major Theory 2
CULTS-3202 Unraveling Modernity and Examining post modernity Major Theory 2
CULTS-3203 Culture of Display Major Theory 2
CULTS-3205 Film and Media in South Asia Allied Theory 2
CULTS-3206 History of Pain Major Theory 2
CULTS-3207 Art, Community and Public Sphere Allied Theory 2
CULTS-3208 Local Literatures of Resistance Allied Theory 2
Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary 2
Total 16
7th Semester

Code Courses Category Type Credits
CULTS-4101 Thesis Writing Colloquium Major Theory 4
CULTS-4102 Seminar: Towards new Approaches in Art and Cultural Histories Major Theory 3
CULTS-4103 Advanced Field Research Major Studio 4
CULTS-4104 Directed Research Major Theory 4
Total 15

8th Semester

Thesis 15 credits


From 3rd semester onwards, a student will be able to choose an allied/interdisciplinary course from his/her department and from other departments with the help of assigned advisor. 
Each Interdisciplinary Crouse will be of 2 credit hours.

Code Courses Type
CULTS-2101Cultural Studies-Popular Culture & Everydayness Theory
CULTS-2104Propaganda and activism in ArtTheory
CULTS-2105 Introduction to LiteratureTheory
CULTS-2106Introduction to Museums and Materiality ITheory
CULTS-2201Cultural Studies-Media & EverydaynessTheory
CULTS-2202 Academic Writing I Theory
CULTS-2203Unraveling Modernity and examining Post modernity Theory
CULTS-2204Architecture and space of powerTheory
CULTS-2205Local Literatures of ResistanceTheory
CULTS-2206Introduction to Museums and Materiality IITheory
CULTS-3101Research Methodology (Humanities)Theory
CULTS-3102 Academic Writing II Theory
CULTS-3103 Museum Matters Theory
CULTS-3104Media, Technologies and the self Theory
CULTS-3105Moving images: Past to presentTheory
CULTS-3106 A History of Pain Theory
CULTS-3201Research Methodology (Visual Culture)Theory
CULTS-3202 Academic Writing III Theory
CULTS-3203 Culture of Display Theory
CULTS-3204Into the Future: Science Fiction and second Life Theory
CULTS-3205 Film in South Asia Theory
CULTS-3206 Art in Adversity Theory
CULTS-3207Art Community and the Public Sphere Theory
CULTS-2208 Expressive Writing Theory
CULTS-3208 Political Science and Arts Theory
Prof. Dr. Syeda Farida Batool

Dean Faculty of Humanities
Master (Research) in Art History and Theory, University of New South Wales, Australia
PhD Media and Film Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, 
University of London, UK 

Dr. Shaila Tabasum Bhatti

Head of Department
Associate Professor
BSc (Hons.) Anthropology, University College, London, UK
Masters in Museum Anthropology, University College London, UK
PhD Anthropology University College, London, UK

Amina Ejaz

Assistant Professor
BSc (Hons.) Political Science LUMS, Lahore
Masters History of Art Theory and Display University of Edinburgh, UK

Zohreen Murtaza

MA (Hons.) Visual Art, NCA 

Sehr Jalil

MA (Hons.) Visual Art, NCA 

Ammara Khalid

B.A. LCWU, Lahore
MA Mass Communication LCWU,Lahore 
MPhil Communication Studies, Punjab University, Lahore 

Gul Mehreen Rahman

BSc. (Hons) Anthropology / Sociology, LUMS, Lahore 
MA Anthropology of Media SOAS, University of London, UK

Ghazala Raees

B.Des, NCA
MA Critical Media and 
Cultural Studies SOAS,
University of London, UK

Samra Habib

BA, AIOU Islamabad
MA Fine Art, PU Lahore
MEd, Special Education, 
AIOU Islamabad

Naveen Zehra

BA (Lahore College for Women University
MA ELTL, PU Lahore
M.Phil ELT Kinnaird College Lahore

Narimaan Aziz

Lecturer (Contract)
BA (English Literature), PU Lahore
PGD in Multimedia Arts, NCA
MA English, PU Lahore
M.Phil English, GCU Lahore

Rabiya Asim

Lecturer (Contract)
MA (Hons.) Visual Arts, NCA


Faran Faisal
Incharge Foundation Studies
Assistant Professor

Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri
Prof. Dr. Syeda Farida Batool
Ms. Shehnaz Malhi
Tausif  Zain Ul Abedin
Muhammad Arshad Saeed
Sadia Amin Raja
Wasim Akhtar
Ali Baba
Ammara Khalid
Ali Zafar
Syed Muhammad Hassan Zaidi
Rizwana Irfan
Sumaira Ameen
Naveen Zehra
Mujeed Butt
Nariman Aziz
Ateeq ur Rehman
Zohreen Murtaza
Ghazala Raees

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