The Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) is a one year diploma that proposes to emphasize the development of intellectual growth and critical discourse in art practice. The PGD is a qualification enabling students to specialize at an advanced level in areas not included in their Bachelor’s degree. It may be used as a transitional qualification providing a pathway. The programme provides a bridge to the students who wish to pursue for the Masters studies, but lack the familiarity with visual infrastructure. The one year diploma offers the opportunity to understand the various disciplines within art practice for students to make continuous link areas not only between art theory and art practice but also between the historical and the contemporary. The Programme has therefore been structured to help students to locate themselves and their work within a local and a global context. The Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Art consists of two semesters. The students read the same course as the Master of Visual Art Year I students, but are not required to produce the extended essay or putup the Degree Show. The students of Master of Visual Art who fail to meet the required criteria of the programme by the end of Year I, will be awarded the PGD.


• Applicants with minimum 16 years of education or equivalent qualification in the relevant fields with minimum 60% marks from an HEC recognized institute are eligible to apply.
• Candidates must pass NCA's own aptitude test at par with GAT.

Total Number of Credits 42
Taught Subjects (Credits) 36
Thesis (Research & Design Credits) 06
Total Number of Semesters 04
Semester Duration 18 Weeks
Classwork 16 Weeks
Testing and Evaluation 02 Weeks
Course Load /Semester 9-12 Credits
Studio Courses 60 %
Theory / Seminar Courses 40 %

Semester 1

Course Code Courses Contact Hours Studio / Theory Credit Hours
VA-5101 Art Theory and Criticism I 3 Theory 3
VA-5102 Third Space Seminar I 3 Studio 3
VA-5103 Research Seminar I 3 Theory 3
VA-5104 Studio Practice I 6 Studio 3
Total 12

Semester 2

Course Code Courses Contact Hours Studio / Theory Credit Hours
VA- 5201 Art Theory and Criticism II 3 Theory 3
VA- 5202 Third Space Seminar II 2 Studio 2
VA- 5203 Research Seminar II 3 Theory 3
VA- 5204 Studio Practice II
a. Course work
b. Placement with a traditional practitioner
8 Studio 4
Total 12


Assessment will be conducted in each core course (theory) based on written examinations. The final assessment may be based on:-
1. An aggregate of marks obtained in semester assignments during the course; (which shall not exceed 50% of the total marks allocated to the course).
2. An examination may comprise 100% of the total marks allocated to the course. The examination in each core course (theory) include the following:-
a) A written examination may include essay questions and the critical analysis of visual material.
b) Term papers (2500-4000 words)
c) Presentation (800-1500 word written report supported by an oral presentation and visual material).


Assessment will be based on the following criteria
a. Conceptual base and development.
i. How this is reflected in the student’s work
b. Does the student have an understanding of:
i. Self-criticism and analysis
ii. Visual language and communication
iii. Ability to contextualize work

1. Should a student fail in one core course s/he will be required to take the examination within the time period prescribed by the course tutor as long as it does not exceed the semester.
2. Should a student fail two core courses during semester-I, s/he will be required to leave the programme.
3. Should a student fail in second tutorial of the semester-I, s/he will be placed on academic probation for a month. During this period additional counseling will be scheduled.
4. Should a student fail at the end of semester-I, s/he will be required to leave the programme or repeat the failed course.
5. Students of Master of Visual Art who lack to reach a certain criteria of the programme by the end of semester-II, will be awarded the PGD.

Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri

Principal NCA
Programme Director
BFA National College of Arts, Lahore
MA Chelsea College of Arts, London
PhD (Fine Arts), Post Doc. Research Fellow AVA, London
Advanced Drawing, Concordia University, Montreal

Shireen Bano Rizvi

Associate Professor
BFA, NCA Lahore, Pakistan
MA (Hons.) Visual Art,NCA Lahore, Pakistan

Ms. Saamia Ahmed

Associate Professor
BFA, MA (Hons.) Visual Art
NCA Lahore, Pakistan

Rabeya Jalil

Associate Professor
Ed.M (MPhil) Art Education
Columbia University Newyork

Saulat Ajmal

MFA (Painting, Printmaking)
Virginia Commonweath,
University, USA

Zobia Yaqoob

BFA, MA (Hons.) Visual Art
NCA Lahore, Pakistan

Ali Baba

BFA, MA (Hons.) Visual Art
NCA Lahore, Pakistan

Sajjad Nawaz

MA (Hons.) Visual Art
NCA Lahore, Pakistan

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